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Psychologist Dr. Angela Gedye did her undergraduate training in Ontario at the University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada and completed her Ph.D. at the University of California at Berkeley. She has worked in this field since 1981. She has published peer-referred articles on serotonergic treatments, self-injurious movements, frontal lobe seizures, obsessive-compulsive behavior, and dementia in mentally handicapped adults. In 1987, she started an 8-year longitudinal study to follow 70 adults with Down syndrome and 37 peers without DS, looking at cognitive changes associated with dementia. In 1995 she published a dementia scale (the Dementia Scale for Down Syndrome) for psychologists. It has been used in many research studies, has been translated into 6 foreign languages, and is used in 14 other countries. In 1998, she completed a clinical book: Behavioral Diagnostic Guide for Developmental Disabilities. For many years she did assessments at the provincial diagnostic centre for neurodevelopmental disorders Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Dr. Gedye continued doing private practice work and assessments for a school district up to 2014.  She expects to be mostly retired in 2015.

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